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Unlocking Opportunities for Inclusive Learning at Home

Empowering Parents: Your Guide to Effective Home Interventions

At Seed2Fruit, we understand that parents often face the challenge of not knowing how to implement the same interventions their child receives at school within the home environment. We're here to bridge that gap and empower parents with the knowledge and tools they need to reinforce developmental goals effectively.

Problem: Inability to navigate school interventions at home: The primary problem lies in not knowing how to replicate the same interventions happening at your child's school within the home environment. This knowledge gap hinders your ability to reinforce the acquisition of developmental goals effectively.

How We Can Help - Empowering You to Foster Growth at Home

Empowering Parents, Nurturing Growth

Seed2Fruit is your dedicated partner in providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively support your child's development at home. With Seed2Fruit, you're equipped with the knowledge and support to empower your child's potential, creating a brighter future filled with possibilities.

Here's why partnering with us makes a difference:

Access to Expertise

Gain access to workshops, seminars, and educational training events led by experienced experts in special education.

Proven Intervention Strategies

Identify and implement authentic intervention strategies tailored to your child's unique needs, fostering their growth and development.

Active Learning

Become an active participant in your child's education journey, creating an inclusive and nurturing learning environment at home.


Impactful Reach

Our PTTBs is a system of communication boards that serves as a low-tech visual aid and assistive technology tool/device primarily (but not exclusively) for school-age children between the ages of 3 years to 19 years old who have developmental disabilities, cognitive and/or behavioral disorders, and/or delays

Transforming Education One Board at a Time

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Discover tailored strategies and interventions designed to empower every learner. Schedule your one-on-one consultation with Felicia to embark on a transformative journey toward authentic and equitable education.

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Barriers to Least Restrictive Environments (LRE)
How concerned should we be if the federal mandates of least restrictive environments (LRE) for students with diagnosed disabilities are being met? What overall impact will this have on general education classrooms? The answers both these questions should be VERY CONCERNED.
Professional Development for Teachers Found Lacking
It’s not entirely the teacher’s fault when their classroom data reflects lacking growth metrics.’ Bold statement - a yah, and a sure fire way to blaze up any discourse surrounding teacher fidelity in the classrooms. But what evidence is their to support either side of this argument



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Be at the forefront of transforming education by testing a product that bridges the gap for students with diverse and exceptional needs, contributing to their success.

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Become a part of a community dedicated to nurturing authentic and equitable learning experiences, where every voice matters, and every learner thrives.

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Your insights and feedback will directly influence the development of a tool that simplifies education and empowers educators, students, and families for a brighter tomorrow.

We are an educational service provider that focuses on producing authentic instructional and behavioral resources for educators, students, and families.


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