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Cause We Care is a non-profit faith-based organization that offers ongoing professional training/mentoring to assist educators, school support staff, family members, and caregivers with serving the population of students who have mild to moderate disabilities and/or disorders(diagnosed or undiagnosed). Cause We Care (CWC) also seeks to provide collaborative opportunities for experts in the field of special education and health and wellness in using holistic approaches (body, mind, and soul)to support educators and families in their work in order to meet the needs of children who require specialized assistance.

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Our Mission: Authentic and Equitable Instructional Practices in the Classroom and Beyond

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Cause We Care (CWC) embodies our mission to promote equity and inclusion in education by creating opportunities for professional collaborative learning communities to form and exist. We also seek to partner with families in such a way that we bridge home values and aspirations for developing and growing our approaches to providing high-quality instruction.

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Seed2Fruit Cause We Care (CWC) seeks to address the widespread issues regarding implementation of authentic and equitable instructional practices for all students, in particular for those who have mild to severe disabilities. In the United States, there are federal mandates that ensure that all public schools mainstream as many students who have disabilities as possible.  In addition, federal mandates also state that students who have disabilities must receive instructional support by qualified individuals in inclusive classrooms. The problem with the last part of the mandate is lack of enforcement. What is even more interesting is that most students who receive special education services spend about *50% to 80% of their time in classrooms where their general education teacher has NOT been given enough resources, or adequately prepared as to how to assist them obtain their educational goals. 

Subsequently, Seed2Fruit Cause We Care (CWC) was formed in order to deamplify the bias and misconception many teachers have about providing instruction for students who have (diagnosed or undiagnosed) disabilities, or exceptional learners. In order to properly scaffold students, CWC believes that educators, families, and caregivers should be given opportunities to receive ongoing training that identifies how to implement effective interventions and strategies for any student/individual in need of alternative instructional practices. 

Seed2Fruit CWC has already provided solutions over the past few years by hosting online and in-person events that offered: sustainable resources, opportunities to engage in collaborative learning through the use of peer mentoring, discussion groups centered on positive climate and culture in learning environments, and plugging into faith-based mind-body wellness strategies. All of which represent the holistic approaches (mind, body, soul) that penetrate the root causes of classroom burnout, or other existential crisis’ that plague educators, families, or school/district administrators who cannot be the change they want to see for the student population that needs it the most.

*2022 National Center for Education Statistics, "Fast Facts Students with Disabilities"

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Your support fuels our mission to bridge knowledge and compassion in the pursuit of inclusive and holistic education. Join us in transforming the lives of students, caregivers, and educators. Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future. Donate now to be a part of this meaningful cause.

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Bridging Knowledge and Compassion for Inclusive Education

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Cause We Care (CWC) is making a tangible difference in the world of education and caregiving. Discover the stories, initiatives, and collaborative efforts that define our commitment to fostering inclusivity and holistic education. Join us on this transformative journey, where every action we take brings us closer to creating a brighter future for all.

Here's why partnering with CWC is the key to making a difference:

Empowering Educators and Support Staff

We provide continuous professional training and mentoring to assist educators and school support staff in serving students with mild to moderate disabilities and disorders, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Rooted in Holistic Approaches to Education

CWC offers holistic approaches that encompass the body, mind, and soul, emphasizing the importance of overall well-being in education and caregiving.

Building Collaborative Learning Communities

We create opportunities for professional collaborative learning communities to form and thrive, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of special education and health and wellness.

Bridging Values And Aspirations

CWC partners with families to bridge home values and aspirations, aligning them with our approaches to providing high-quality instruction, ultimately benefiting the development and growth of children who require specialized assistance.

Unlock Personalized Solutions for Your Educational Needs

Discover tailored strategies and interventions designed to empower every learner. Schedule your one-on-one consultation with Felicia to embark on a transformative journey toward authentic and equitable education.

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Introducing Our Parallel Teaching and Transition Boards System (PTTBs)

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It’s not entirely the teacher’s fault when their classroom data reflects lacking growth metrics.’ Bold statement - a yah, and a sure fire way to blaze up any discourse surrounding teacher fidelity in the classrooms. But what evidence is their to support either side of this argument

We are an educational service provider that focuses on producing authentic instructional and behavioral resources for educators, students, and families.


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