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Our Vision & Mission
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Our Vision

Seed2Fruit’s vision is to revolutionize the practice of systemic education to include combining the methodologies of Special Education and General Education, mind/body wellness, and faith-based principles as one pedagogy in order to promote authentic and equitable learning experiences that draw out the purpose and potential of each individual.

Our Mission

Seed2Fruit’s mission is to design and develop products and services, in both local and global markets, that augment the practice of creating equitable and authentic learning experiences for all educators families, and students.

Children between the ages of 3 and 19 who have disabilities or behavioral disorders often end up in inclusion classrooms with teachers who lack proper training or preparation to meet the diverse needs of their students. Data from the 2022 National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that 1 in 5 students in public classrooms have a learning disability, and many of them spend about 80% of their day in general education classes. This trend is only growing, with over 7.2 million students in public schools across the nation receiving services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004.

Some may mistakenly suppose that the main problem in education is that all students don't learn in the same ways. Not only is that not the real problem, having the need for authentic learning styles is a reality of the human condition. Instead, the focus should be on how to prepare educators and families to use authentic and equitable methods in classrooms that have students with exceptional needs. 

The increasing population of students in need of special education services requires a disruptive shift in how educators are trained and prepared to meet the diverse needs of their inclusive classrooms. If school systems across America are going to win the fight for academic and physical health for all children and young adults, it is essential to augment the perception that only Special Education practitioners can instruct students with specialized needs. Seed2Fruit firmly believes in its mission to provide the necessary stepping stones for educators to confidently engage students who have specialized needs, no matter their preexisting conditions.

Planting seeds to grow exceptional learners

Seed2Fruit LLC is an educational service provider that focuses on producing authentic and equitable instructional/behavioral practices that include faith-based values in order to draw out the purpose and potential in each educator, child, and family we serve.

Our primary objectives are to:

advocate for educators to receive resources that are evidence-based, and use proactive approaches in order to scaffold the developmental needs of exceptional learners

produce authentic and equitable resources that enhance classroom experiences for students who have diagnosed and undiagnosed exceptional learning needs

provide methods for educators and administrators to track student progression and efficiency of intervention strategies

provide opportunities for school staff, families, and/or caregivers to receive a variety of training and coaching experiences aimed at closing the achievement gap of students who require alternative learning approaches - it truly takes a village

plus partner with families and caregivers in such a way that we bridge in the family’s aspirations and also use faith-based values in pursuit of obtaining educational goals for their students.

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Meet Seed2Fruit Visionary

Felicia Williams

Seed2Fruit Education LLC &
Seed2Fruit Cause We Care (non-profit)

Felicia C. Williams has many years of experience in Early Childhood and primary classrooms. She has worked with hundreds of children from preschool to eighth grade in urban, under-served communities. Like many public-school teachers, she has faced the challenges of meeting the needs of the classroom without receiving proper training and/or resources for working with students who have moderate to severe disabilities; and teachers who are not properly equipped is very much like sending an untrained soldier into a war zone. At one point in her career, Felicia had to decide whether or not she was going to remain a classroom teacher. However, her desire to find solutions to the challenges she faced was the catalyst to go back and earn two master degrees in Special Education and Curriculum & Instruction. Exposure to the Special Education coursework opened Felicia's eyes to the stark reality, schools across the nation need to change the perception that only Special Education practitioners can instruct students with specialized needs. After nearly 20 years of classroom experience and school leadership experience, Felicia firmly believes that all individuals are like seeds, capable of flourishing and growing when provided with the right nourishment. The formation of Seed2Fruit Education is the culmination of Felicia's passion for planting the right "seeds" to grow exceptional learners.

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Embarking on a purpose-driven path in her late 20s, our CEO has dedicated nearly two decades to nurturing young minds. Her passion for fostering inclusive learning environments led to innovative interventions for exceptional children. Backed by dual master's degrees, she stands as a beacon of educational innovation, spearheading Seed2Fruit Education LLC and Seed2Fruit Cause We Care nonprofit, and leaving an indelible mark on the field of education.

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We are an educational service provider that focuses on producing authentic instructional and behavioral resources for educators, students, and families.


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